Invasion (PvE) Open BETA open for signup!

Posted November 06 2020 - 13:43
Hello everyone,

I have just openend up the signup for a new beta test run on the Invasion PvE modus. You can join in with your regular account or create a new account to play in this area. Read details about the new modus in our guide:

We have processed some results from the closed beta test and increased difficulty of the modus along with some other changes. A full list of changes will follow on Monday.

The new beta test will starting ticking on Monday November 9th at 20:00 GTM +1:000.

Be sure to join us!

Posted November 06 2020 - 17:21
Can we sign up for this and be signed up for K3?
Posted November 06 2020 - 18:40
Yes, but you will have to make a separate account to do so :)

But you are allowed to have multiple accounts, as long as they do not play in the same area.
Posted November 08 2020 - 07:33
Do i accumulate any points from beta? or only regular areas count towards my total points?
Posted November 09 2020 - 18:46
Only regular areas, beta does not provide you any points at the moment
Posted November 12 2020 - 20:12
is it too late to join?