New round open for signup and update notes!

Posted March 08 2021 - 13:43
Hey everyone,

The Kansas 2 and Invasion area are both open again for signup! We have chosen to close down the Kansas 3 area for now, since we have to few players active and wish to get everyone active in the Kansas 2 area. If our community grows again we might open up another area in the future, perhaps with the same K3 setting or something new. If you have ideas on this subject let us know or discuss them with the community by making a forum post or through our discord server.

Kansas 2 area will start ticking again on March 9 at 20:00 GMT +1:00 or 2:00 PM EST.
Invasion area will start ticking again on March 10 at 20:00 GMT +1:00 or 2:00 PM EST.

We have some interesting changes for upcoming round so take a good read:

- Major update of the Technology Tree:
Tech 1 A Mercenaries Hiring troops cost 10% less cash
Tech 1 B Operative Operations cost 10% less energy
Tech 1 C Overseer Construction cost 10% less cash

Tech 2 A Winter warfare No travel penalty during winter for army convoys
Tech 2 B Field rations Troops no longer return home when you run out of food but will desert from location and require 10% less food
Tech 2 C Bunkbeds 100% extra capicity for unit buildings (Policestations, Taverns, Barracks)
Tech 2 D Engineer 50% extra power income
Tech 2 E Defender Defensive structures give 10% more defense score

Tech 3 A Scavanger 10% extra loot on resources and special goods when looting towns.
Tech 3 B Drill Serg. 50% extra force readiness each tick
Tech 3 C Town guard Gives a +1 defense to militia and policemen
Tech 3 D Border Patrol 50% extra defensive bonus against operations by your check posts or towers at other locations

Tech 4 A Strategist 25% less travel time for your attack convoys
Tech 4 B Spec. Agent Receive 60 extra operation energy each tick
Tech 4 C Smuggler Transport and trade convoys are undetectable (cannot be raided), transports cost 50% less fuel
Tech 4 D Dig in 20% extra chance that mortars and missiles will miss a target

- New wildcard: "Rewind!" Reset and reselect your technology tree.
- Fuel transport cost for acres that are far away from your town increased.
- Research stacks for "defense in dept" and "spearhead" increased from 5 to 6, so now the max is a 30% instead of a 25%.
- Added workforce warning to operations screen.
- Bug fixed: Sometimes convoys on the map didnt show there destination properly, should be fixed now.
- Bug fixed: On rare occasions acres where hold by "no owner", this should be fixed now.

For the players active in the Kansas 1 area, you have all received one free wildcard. You can reset and repick your technology tree with the new wildcard or spent it otherwise.

I hope you will all like the changes we have and you will all join us again for another round!

Outbreak team
Posted March 25 2021 - 20:35
Can you add a gamemode and a new area where you play as an ordinary raider?
Posted March 27 2021 - 09:52
This game is a sim strategy game, i you wish to play your town as a raider your already can :)

Just start raiding people ^^