Casino back online!

Posted October 27 2015 - 14:37
Hey everyone,

With our blackjack game put offline a couple of rounds ago, we have added a new mini-game to The Outbreak.
It can be found on the fairground at the 'Casino' tab.

The new game we have put online is the 'High Low' cardgame. As pay-out system we have implented the normal casino rules, also to be found in our guide:

We are planning to put more mini-games online in the near future.

We hope you will enjoy our new game!

Posted October 27 2015 - 15:14
What is the payout schedule? It seems to vary from 275 to 375.
Posted October 27 2015 - 15:25
Thank you for your feedback, i have updated the openings post.
Posted October 28 2015 - 22:48
sounds good, glad to see it return.
Posted July 07 2016 - 15:51
Ive made up to almost 500, it depends on the risk u take