Plea for Government missions

Posted June 13 2022 - 23:26
Implementing government missions might make playing Outbreak more dynamic !

Let the government give random missions to clans.
Once a clan has fullfilled that mission, there will be a reward, for instance a certain amount of (extra) ranking points for all members of the clan that succeeded in their mission.
Numerous missions could be made up !
We could divide the map in 7 areas of 16 squares that have certain overlap: NW (A1-A4 to D1-D4), NE (A5-A8 to D5-D8), Mid-W (D1-D4 to G1-G4), Mid-E, SW (G1-G4 to J1-J4), SE and Mid-centre (D3-D6 to G3-G6)
A mission could be to own all acres and gov facilities in one of these areas. Clanleader must be located there!
Some other missions could be:
* Take out 20 Raiders Camps
* Own 4 government locations
* Hold the Capital for 400 ticks
* Destroy 3 enemie cities ranked in top 15 with use of mortars (at least one decisive victory against each city)
* Have a clan member in 4 area's of the map each owning a gold acre
and so on ......

Missions can be given as soon as someone starts a clan. So he can start making his plan to choose members.

Clans will not know each others missions but will try to figure it out and prevent other clans to succeed.
Missions overlap so more warfare will take place and will probably start earlier in the game.
The staffing of clans is likely to become more dynamic (especially when there is a fixed number of clanmembers) Clans will look at their mission and try to find members that best fit in. This will also prevent 10-15 or even more players sticking together every round which might be the main cause of other players leaving the game.
Hopefully it will give starters more chances, satisfaction and time to learn more and more tricks.
Also probably no more enemies for life! You can always refer to your clans mission if you attack or incapacitate someone.

Basicly government missions will not change the game, but just give it some extra possibillities.
Goal is to attract more players and keep players in !
Posted June 17 2022 - 03:33
I personally like the sound of everything you mentioned HH;) I hope more see this post and ad input. You’re correct, the mission possibilities are endless and the examples you gave are perfect. Also, the idea to separate the same 10-15 players is ideal. I personally would enjoy playing with everyone and keeping each round as interesting as possible; in-turn attracting (and keeping) new players. Your suggestion is not in vain…at least in the sense of someone seeing and reading it. Let’s see if others will add some input. Later!
Posted June 17 2022 - 19:40
Thanks for your reply Whisky! Hope this will start a discussion ;-)