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1.3 Technology tree

Every town is different, and there are different people in every town. You can give your town bonuses during its development. Some technology points can be focused on resources others on war and some on totally different things. You can spend a total of 4 technology points from top to bottom.

Choosing techs

Each time a tech point becomes available, you need to choose which benefit your town will gain. Each choice you make will limit your options for the next choices. In the picture beneath you can see the colors outlining the different choices. For example when you choose the 'Extremist' bonus (Red choice), your next available options will only be 'Farmer' or 'Sawmill' (also Red choices). When you secondly choose the 'Sawmill' option (Red/Brown choice), you can choose the 'Mercenaries','Drill Sergeant' or 'State militia' options (Red/Brown choices). So keep in mind which 4 options you want, before choosing your bonus.

You choose a technology by clicking on the name of the desired option.

Level 1 technologies - available on level 10

Extremist Gives a 5% attack bonus
Socialist Construction of houses and apartments cost 20% less
Liberal Gives a 5% defensive bonus

Level 2 technologies - available on level 20

Farmer Gives a 10% income bonus on farms
Sawmill Gives a 10% income bonus on woodcutters
Miner Gives a 10% income bonus on stone quarries
Engineer Gives a 50% income bonus on all power income
Defender Construction of defensive structures costs 10% less

Level 3 technologies - available on level 30

Mercenaries Hiring troops costs 10% less cash
Drill sergeant 50% extra force readiness each tick
Town guard Gives a +1 defense to militia and policemen
Border patrol 50% extra defensive bonus against operations by your check posts or towers at other locations

Level 4 technologies - available on level 40

Strategist 25% less travel time for your attack convoys
Special agents Receive 60 extra operation energy each tick
Merchant Gives a 20% tax bonus
Dig in 20% extra chance that mortars and missiles will miss a target

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