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7. Units

In the game there is a set of units you can train or hire. These will act as your attacking army or for the defence force of your town, other units will be hired to supply you with much needed information. All the people in the army are mercenaries they fight for you as long as you give them food. If your food supplies run out they may be desert the army.

Army food upkeep

Your armies need to be fed or else they will desert. The food upkeep numbers for each units are:

Militia2 Food
Policemen8 Food
Agent8 Food
Biker8 Food
Soldier8 Food
Mortar Team16 Food
- When stationed at properties, Units will consume 2 additional food, for a total of 10. Mortars will consume 4 additional food, for a total of 20.

- And when in an attack convoy units will consume 4 additional food, for a total of 12, with mortars consuming an additional 8 food for a total of 24.

Army Supplies upkeep

Your army will need supplies to do their daily operations. Armies supplies are paid for by cash, which will be substracted each tick (week). If you lack the amount of cash needed to supply your troops, your Force Readiness will not increase. Each unit has its own supply need:

Militia0.6 Cash
Policemen1.6 Cash
Agent3.4 Cash
Biker3.8 Cash
Soldier4.8 Cash
Mortar Team7.2 Cash
50% extra cash cost for Army supplies in Experienced areas

The Outbreak - Militia, available from level 2. Militia, available from level 2. Militia have need of low food upkeep in comparison to other units. Being the least experienced unit in the game, they only have a 40% protection bonus from mortars and missiles using trenches.
The Outbreak - Policemen, available from level 3. Policemen, available from level 3. These are the standard peacekeepers in your town, they will shoot any trespassers. They will also stand on your side during defence or they will bring `peace` to other towns.
The Outbreak - Vehicle, available from level 7. Vehicle, available from level 7. These you will need to transport your army to other towns in case of war. For the more peaceful among us they can be used to transport some goods like wood, food or stone to your allies. To build vehicles you need a garage, to send aid to your allies you must have a warehouse. You can also steal cars of your enemies, in this case you don’t need a garage. 10 men or 1000 resources can fit into 1 car.

The Outbreak - Agent, available from level 5. Agent, available from level 5. Are your special units they can harass your enemies with a variety of options out of their explosive arsenal. They can act as your spies or help you to gather resources. For each aggressive operation that succeeds they earn experience . With this experience they can achieve higher levels. The higher the level of an agent the greater the chances are that he will succeed and the greater the damage he can do.
The Outbreak - Biker, available from level 11. Biker, available from level 11. Count as your fast attack wing of the army. If you attack a player solely with bikers the normal travel time will be cut in half. This way they will be sooner back in your town with the spoils of war. Bikers also have more protection against Mortar teams and inflict increased casaulties against mortar teams.
The Outbreak - Soldier, available from level 21. Soldier, available from level 21. Best allround unit in the game, highly trained troops who possess great skill of marksmanship, tactics and also have high stamina.
The Outbreak - Mortar team, available from level 29. Mortar team, available from level 29. Will rain down a deadly hail of explosives on the enemy to weaken them before your initial attack or defense begins. Attacking mortar teams can destroy almost anything civilians, army and buildings alike. These indiscriminate weapons will hover shoot in a defensive stand only on the enemy army and their cars. Mortar teams take 3 places when driving to another town. Also when you attack with mortars, the element of surprise will be gone and travel time will be increased with 1 week. When attacking with mortar teams they will need protection from other troops or will be less effective, read the attack section for more information on this penalty.
Militia 1 1 Very Low Very High Low
Policemen 2 2 Very Low High Low
Agents 4 4 Medium Medium High
Bikers 7 4 Very High Medium Low
Soldiers 6 8 High Low Medium
Mortars 3 4 High Low High

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