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4.1 Government

The government is a neutral faction holding 10 strategic points around the map. When your town reaches level 6 you can contact the government faction through the 'Government' tab on the fairground. As your town progresses the government will have certain missions available for your town to execute, earning government reputation and operation experience.

Government locations and troops

At the start of each round all government locations will be hold by government troops. The government receives a 30% defense bonus in combat and uses the following special units: Marines, Heavy mortars, Snipers.

Government Missions

Here is where government missions can be found, when reaching a higher level different kind of missions will become available. Each government mission will have its own reward which mostly exist out of operation experience and government reputation points.

Your towns operation level makes the missions more easy to perform.


As you perform succesful missions for the government, you earn a certain amount of reputation marked with the orange star. As soon as you have earned 70 or more reputation you can request aid from the government:

Cash - Costing 10 reputation, gives you a random amount of Cash.
Fuel - Costing 10 reputation, gives you a random amount of Fuel.
Food - Costing 15 reputation, gives you a random amount of Food.
Troops - Costing 20 reputation, gives you a random amount and type of troops (Policemen, Agents or Soldiers).

Top 10 players cannot request troops from the government as they are considered to strong, forming a threat to the government.

Declaration of war

The government hold 10 strategic points on the map. When you attack any strategic point, the government will declare war on your town, denying you access to the government page on the fairground. You can regain trust from the government by no longer holding any government strategic point, you reputation will slowly rise again.

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