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5. Relations

The world has changed and there are no laws anymore. Towns have to determine their relationship with each other by making agreements.

In the game there are 4 types of relations, we will summarize these below:

Relation types

No relation: Means that you have no business with this town. You cannot trade resources or black market goods.
Non Aggressive Pact (NAP): You can trade resources and black market goods with this town.
Alliance: You can trade resources and black market goods to each other. In the alliance you will have automatically a trade agreement. Sellers and buyers from both towns will travel between them to make a profit. A profit that can be taxed. When allied to another town local people will be able to trade with each other. Your town will benefit from local trading by gaining tax on the traded goods. But there is also a darker side on having an alliance with untrustworthy towns. Persons or agents from your allies can easily infiltrate into your town dressed as a merchant. Your defence on operations will be greatly decreased.
War: No trading possible. Once you attack a town or got attacked by a town, you're automatically at war. You operation defense will be increased against this town, since you distrust any person or action from them. A war can be canceled on the relation page, but only the player who did not start the war can do this. A request will be send to the other town who can choose to agree to end the war - or not.


When two towns have concluded a relationship which each other, towns are able to send or receive trading convoys.
To create a trade convoy go to Relations -> Trade and specify the amount of resources or black market goods you want to send away. Then select the desired 'resource' to trade en choose the target town. All towns that are available for traiding, will automatically be listed in the dropdown menu.

Trading between town

Trade restriction: To prevent feeding (smaller towns giving loads of resources to big town) we have restricted trading. You cannot trade with towns lower then half or 2 times bigger then your town score.

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