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8.3 Attack a acre location

On the map you will find acre locations which can be captured. Each of the locations can be defended or attacked by your troops and each acre has a different type. If you defend a Hills or Gold type of acre location you receive a 10% defence bonus.

When you attack a acre location the combat follows the next phases.

Surprise attack: Acre's are large pieces of land which can be attacked from any side, with no threats before 'The Outbreak' happened they are not located very strategical. Being surprised by an enemy attack is a very large threat for each Acre. The owner of an Acre can counter this by buildings towers and deploying over watch teams.

If a surpise attack is succesfull the attacking party receives a 20% attack bonus.

Mortar phase: Before the battle begins, your attacking mortars are allowed to fire upon the enemy positions. Each unit killed in this phase will not be able to defend the town and is also not calculated in the defense score. When mortar teams are used in the attack the attacker no longer receives a surprise attack bonus.

Mortar counter fire: Defending mortars return fire upon attacking forces. Also units killed in this phase will not be calculated in the attacking score.

Assault phase: Troops of both sides will now engage each other, defending structures will open fire upon the assaulting troop and casualties will be calculated.

Result: The formula for War:

Attack = Units total attacking score + Surprise attack bonus + Hero bonus + Extremist (tech1)

Defend = Base defense (50) + Units total defeding score + Capital bonus + Hero bonus + Liberal (tech1) + (Tower x 75) + (Bunker x 150)

In the game there are 3 degrees for wining and 3 for loosing.

Minor victory: You have narrowly managed to win the battle but your troops have taken over the acre location
Major victory: Your forces have kicked some ass took over the acre location.
Decisive victory: Your forces have engaged the enemy with overwhelming firepower and took over the acre location. Defender casaulties outcome will be higher.

Minor defeat: Your troops got engaged in heavy fighting and have tactical been withdrawn.
Major defeat: Your troops were met with heavy resistance and forced to abandon the attack.
Decisive defeat: With overwhelming fire power the defenders forced your army to retreat immediatly. Attacker casaulties outcome will be higher.

Militia Very Low Very High Low
Policemen Very Low High Low
Agents Medium Medium High
Bikers Very High Medium Low
Soldiers High Low Medium
Mortars High Low High

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