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9.4 Raiders camps

In each game (or area) there will be a chance raiders camps appear on the map. The higher level areas will have more raiders camps spawning as lower levels.

Raider camps are spawned with a certain conditions:
- Raider camps will start appearing from turn 150
- As the round progresses the chance a raider camp spawns is increased and their strenght grows.
- Raider camps will be active directly when spawned
- The numbers of attacks increase as the number of raiders camps grows.
- All raider camps will raid acre convoys.
- Raider camps will start attacking acres from turn 200.
- Only raider camps of level 3 and higher will attack acres.
- Raider camps will only target acres for raiding and attack in there own sector + one to the left, right, up and down. So 5 sectors in total. See image.
- Raider camps of level 3 and higher will have soldiers.
- Raider camps of level 5 and higher will have mortar teams.
- Raider camps of level 5 and higher will have bunkers.
- Raider camps of level 5 and higher will have booby traps.
- Raider camps of level 8 and higher will be fortified.
- Each raider camp will be aligned to one of the raider gangs.

Raiders camps location

Difficulty level

Each raiders camp will have a difficulty level which is randomly generated, higher level areas will have higher difficulty levels. A Raiders camp difficulty level will have influence on his defense bonus against operations and attacks. Camps with a higher difficulty level will also be more active in raiding transport convoys.

Base defense bonus for a raider camp is difficulty level * 10.

Raiders attacking!

Raiders camps that have appeared on the map will start raiding transport convoy, transporting goods from acre locations towards towns. The higher the amount of raiders camp in the region, the higher the raiding activity will be. A higher amount of raiders camps will also increase the amount of attacks directed towards acres. If there is a raiders camp in the same sector as you acre locations, the chance that your transports get raided will be even higher.

Transport convoy raided

Destroy raiders

Just like other locations you can sent a attack convoy to a raiders camp. When you score a victory the raiders camp is destroyed and will disappear from the map. You will receive Cash and Government reputation as a reward. The more difficult the raiders camp is to destroy, the higher the reward will be.

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