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9.5 Raider gangs

All raiders active in the area are aligned to a certain gang. Each gang has its own difficulty rating and uses different special units.

Raider gang overview

Gang Difficulty rating Special
1. Fallen Angels 1 No specials
2. The Chargers 2 Special unit: Portable mortars
3. The vipers 2 Special unit: Snipers
4. Diamond devils 3 Special unit: Marines
5. Black seals 3 Special unit: Navy Seals
6. Red Boars 4 Special unit: Heavy mortars
7. Bounty Hunters 4 Aggressive, will attack towns, Special unit: Assault bikers
8. Blood of Blackwater 5 Aggressive, Raider faction, Can hold government locations, Special unit: Assault bikers

Difficulty rating

The difficulty rating of gang indicates how strong this gang is. Gangs with a higher rating will have a better attack and defense bonus, will more likely deploy tactics and have a stronger garrison.

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters will occasionly look to raid towns in the Kansas region. The Bounty Hunters travel around and may enter the Kansas region for a quick raid. The bounty hunter indicator will notify everyone when Bounty Hunters are approaching. They will target the town with the highest "Attack town" bounty currently active on them. When a higher bounty becomes available, it will change its target.

18 weeks before the Bounty Hunters will strike, the bounty notice in the top bar will trigger. On the bounties' page you will now see the estimated size of the force approaching.

Note: Bounty Hunters are excluded from the Beginner area.

Blood of Blackwater (Raider faction)

The Blood of Blackwater raider gang is a special raider faction, which operates different from the other raider gangs. While other raider gangs own acres from the start of the round and randomly spawn there raider camps while the round progresses, Blood of Blackwater will only be introduced into the area with special events.

Blood of Blackwater is more aggressive than other gangs and attacks all acres, no matter who holds them, with an increased intensity.

Blood of Blackwater is also targeting government locations in aiming to hold them.

Note: Blood of Blackwater is only included in the Experienced area.

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