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12.3 Invasion mode (PvE)

Invasion is a PvE (players vs environment) mode for the outbreak game. In this mode players need to work together to defeat the common enemy 'Blood of Blackwater' which has started a invasion against Kansas.

Basic rules:
- All towns will be active in the same clan (Federation of Kansas).
- Players will vote for their leader, which can coordinate like a normal clan leader.
- Players are not allowed to attack or hinder each other.
- Research times are halved in this game modus.
- Each town starts at level 40 with a basic economy and army.
- Like the normal backgrounds, players choice a starting background scenario based on being a defender, economic, operations or attacker power.

Blood of blackwater:
- Command centers will be spawned on the bottom and top of the map. As a Command centers get destroyed the other raider camps will get reinforced and get stronger.
- Normal BoB camps will be spawned over time close towards the towns and try to take over property and Government locations.
- BoB holds all government locations from the start.
- BoB will attack all towns in the region in waves. The force size of the attack convoys will increase over time. The attack rate will also increase over time.

Elite force (BoB):
- At random times the BoB command centers will launch an assault with there elite forces to capture government location or attack towns directly.

- The objective for the players is to destroy all of the Command centers before the last turn has been reached, the last turn is week 752. When the last turn has been reached and not all Command centers are destroyed the players will loose the game.

Background story:

Its the year 2067, 10 years since the Kansas wars have ended and peace was established between all towns with the start of the Federation of Kansas. All towns that survived the Kansas wars are now united under a single banner when still self-governing their own towns and property. They agreed to keep all government facilities neutral or abandon them to prevent fighting over it. With no troops in or fighting over the capital peace finally settles in Kansas, focus has shifted from warfare to prosperity, trade flourishes and a happy population.

But a new treat is rising.... the Blood of Blackwater raider group, which has invaded the Kansas region before, has gotten a strong grip on the states surrounding Kansas and are now looking to take over Kansas. With the other regions firmly under control they now fully direct their forces towards Kansas aiming to destroy the Federation of Kansas and take all the wealth and prosperity for there own.

Out of nowhere the second in command of BoB launched a major offensive against the region of Kansas aiming for a quick victory. But the people of Kansas were stronger then estimated, while the government facilities have fallen, the towns stood firm and fought off the first wave of aggressors. Other raider gangs took this opportunity to claim land again. The Federation of Kansas is now put to test, will the united towns of Kansas manage to withstand this new invasion? Or will Kansas fall into chaos once more?

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