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12.1 Round Prizes

12.1.1 Kansas wars - PvP Prizes

There are 2 ways prizes can be earned in The Outbreak, by ending in the top 3 when a round finishes or gaining new user ranks.

All areas, except for the "Beginner" level areas, offer prizes for the top 3 places of the game.

The prizes are:

1st spot: 1 outbreak credit, 2 x +5 points promotion for your custom heroes.
2nd spot: 1 outbreak credit, +5 points promotion for a custom hero.
3th spot: +1 extra wildcard at the start of a round.
When the game ends, these prizes will be added to your account. Points gained at the end of a round can increase your player rank and also earn prizes. Read here more about user ranks.

12.1.2 Invasion - PvE Prizes

The invasion PvE mode is currently in its testing phase, no prizes can be won yet.

12.1.3 Prize details

Custom hero promotion

When you create a custom hero you can divide 100 points into bonuses by your choice. Once you have created a hero and earn promotion points by winning a round, you can increase there bonuses even furthur.

Go to you custom hero overview on your account page and promote the hero at your choice. Each promotion gives your hero 5 extra points.

Extra wildcard prize

When you have won the extra wildcard prize, you will be able to use it at the start of your round if you wish. You could also save it for a later moment. You can only receive 1 extra wildcard at the start of each round.

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