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1.2 Public order

Public order indicates how much the population likes to live in your town. When circumstances get to bad your public order will decline. When your public order reaches zero (0) your population will begin to riot. When riots erupt your army will interfere and break it down, causing casualties. When your hometown force is too small, the population will damage your town.

When the riots have settled down your public order will be increased with 30 points. This will give you some time to create better living circumstances, if you fail to do so and public order reaches zero (0) again, riots will erupt.

Public order modifiers

Tax level Depending on the height of your tax level, public order will be reduced. You can adjust your tax level in the inventory screen.

No - Public order +1 No cash income
Low - Public order -2 0.6 cash income
Normal - Public order -4 1.2 cash income
High - Public order -6 1.8 cash income
Food rations Depending on the height of your food rations, public order will be increased. You can adjust your food rations level in the inventory screen.

Rats and bugs - Public order -2 0.8 food consumption
Low - Public order +1 1.2 food consumption
Normal - Public order +3 1.8 food consumption
High - Public order +5 2.4 food consumption
Security force You need policemen to keep things under control in your town. You need 1 policemen for every 25 population or 1 militia for every 3 population to get neutral. When having more policemen public order will increase, when having less public order will decrease.

Lowest - Public order -4
Highest - Public order +4
Homeless Too many homeless people will make your population unhappy. Provide houses for the homeless to keep this modifier neutral.

For every 100 homeless the modifier increased from -1 to -8 public order.

Electricity Providing houses with electricity will make the circumstances for living in your town a lot better. To provide electricity you need: 2 power for each house, 10 power for each apartment, 50 power for each flat.

On - Public order +2
Off - Public order -1
Hero bonus Some heroes provide a base public order modifier which will be shown here.

Raiders threat When more raider camps appear on the map this will make traveling much more unsafe. This will have a negative effect on public order.

Low - Public order -1
Normal - Public order -2
High - Public order -3

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